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Jason Donaldson

A lot of people reach ‘success’ in life by ticking the right boxes.

Doing the right thing in their career, their business. They have the family and the house.

But stress, and the burden of life soon piles up, with no easy place to go. Quick fixes don’t work. Relying on vices doesn’t work.

Jason has been down this path.

Having served in the Western Australia Police for 20-years and owning his own business, Jason was moving at a million miles per hour until his partner was involved in a life-threatening car crash.


Coaching, Counselling & Mentoring

Jason offers three different Coaching and Counselling services to help you navigate the human experience and live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment. He also runs a monthly men’s group enabling men to connect and share thoughts, feelings and experiences with other blokes.

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I’ve known Jason for nearly a decade having employed his services for strength & conditioning, ultra-running programming, mobility and recovery work. Jason is also my go-to resource for all things breathing and breathwork. Jason has a vast degree of knowledge and experience of human performance and the ability to communicate his expertise in an uncomplicated manner.

Ultra Runner and Long Distance Open Water Swimmer.
Director Melius Consulting and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
Practical Tips & Tools

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Go-To Workouts

Here are a dozen simple workouts I turn to whenever I’m tight on time or generally low on motivation. They’re workouts I enjoy, are generally short, don’t require much, if any equipment, are usually low skill and typically hit the entire body.

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Navigate the Human Experience

Life isn’t easy, but you don’t have to navigate it alone.

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