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Meet Jason Donaldson

About Jason

His Story

A lot of people reach ‘success’ in life by ticking the right boxes.

Doing the right thing in their career, their business. They have the family and the house.

But stress, and the burden of life soon piles up, with no easy place to go. Quick fixes don’t work. Relying on vices doesn’t work.

Jason has been down this path.

Having served in the WA Police for 20-years and opening the first CrossFit facility in WA, Jason was moving at a million miles per hour until his partner was involved in a life-threatening car crash.

He closed his business.

Then his mum passed away.

Suddenly, Jason was forced to stop, re-evaluate his life and everything he was doing.

He started his own journey of finding out who he really was, and how he wanted to live.

He learned about his own true values, what it meant to be a man who isn’t just strong physically, but strong of mind and character.

Throughout this journey, Jason worked with elite athletes, performance coaches and studied as a counsellor.

He realised there were basic steps we can all take to cut out distraction, learn to connect with who we really are and with others on a deeper level, and make lasting changes in life.

Jason now helps others with this same journey.

Jason’s unique background; 30-years working with humans in policing and coaching, combined with his formal education in counselling, and experience in crisis intervention come together to provide support and guidance to those facing life challenges, wanting to create lasting change, be the person they want to be, and live the life they want.

In addition to coaching and counselling, Jason currently works as a Corporate Trainer and Facilitator, Crisis Support Volunteer and Mentor with LifelineWA and is a Facilitator with Outside the Locker Room; providing mental health education and welfare support to sporting clubs, schools and workplaces.


His Philosophy

Jason’s coaching and counselling focus on the opportunities presented by the challenges we face, embracing change and learning through doing the work.

His expertise lies in helping others develop awareness, identify and access their available tools and develop skill in using their tools to navigate life, overcome challenges, create lasting change, become the person they truly want to be, and live the life they want.

Like you, Jason has experienced many challenges while navigating life. He is a dad. He worked shift-work for many years. He built, developed and closed a business. He experienced trauma, loss, injury and illness, all while striving to live, and improve, his life.

Jason’s unique personal and professional experiences combined with his formal education assists him in understanding the challenges others face and helps him better serve those he works with.


Past & Current Clients

Jason has worked with hundreds of individuals, organisations, units and teams including:

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Professional Associations