I’m Jason, a human performance coach whose mission is to help you dial in the things you need to dial in to get where you want to be, achieve the things you want and live a high performance life.

My own definition of a high performance life is knowing my personal values and doing the things I need to do, to live in accordance with those.

For example, one of my personal values is my health. So I make sure I do the things I need to do, every day, to be as healthy as I possibly can be.

But that’s my definition. When we work together, I want to know what yours is. That’s what matters. What YOU want. What YOU need to do. That’s what we work together on. It’s like YOU 101.

If you truly want to be fitter, healthier, more productive, better at managing stress, a better mum/dad/partner/friend/employee, increase your energy, look better naked… just a better version of YOU, I can help.

There are really five key pillars we take into consideration when working towards the best version of you.

• Breathing – how you access and use oxygen (it matters big time!)
• Sleep – quality and quantity
• State/Stress Management – how you deal with life
• Nutrition – what goes in your gob
• Movement – exercise, training, getting off your arse

These five pillars are like ingredients in a cake. All are important. If you skip one, your cake will probably flop. No one likes a floppy cake.

But when all five are mixed together properly, you can fly along like a well-oiled machine.

Trouble is, it can seem like a lot. What to do first? How to put it altogether?

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been a Coach in the human performance space for over a decade and have delved deep into learning about these five pillars, human behaviour and the psychology of change helping 1000’s of people along the way, not to mention dialling in my own five pillars.

As a practical, no bullshit individual, the dad of two teenage boys (currently 17 and 19) and a former Police Sergeant with 20-years of front-line experience dealing with the worst of the worst, I’ve got a tonne of real life experience to go alongside my technical know how.

I am committed to helping individuals, coaches, teams, gyms, units, organisations operate at their best; to live a high performance life

I am the Director of Training and Operations at Power Speed Endurance, an Unscared Inc company.

I have a range of options for working with me. Check them out and lets’s talk.