Do you own a gym, fitness facility, CrossFit box or Coach a sporting team?

I’m available to  deliver a comprehensive Run Stronger Workshop at your facility.

Back in the day I was a Director and Head Coach with CrossFit™ Endurance travelling the world teaching the 2-Day CrossFit Endurance Trainers Seminar. It’s from that Seminar this Workshop grew. 

Reduce injury, improve movement, optimise performance and enhance the knowledge of your members or team.

DSC_45453-hours of experiential learning with video analysis, practical drills  and hand-on coaching.
all participants receive a 6-week running technique program to lock in what is learned on the day.


“Thanks Jason. Really enjoyed today and got a lot out of it. It’s great when you’re taught the correct technique and it all makes perfect sense. Looking forward to the 6 week homework. Brilliant workshop and thanks again.”
~ Jackie


• The 6 Errors MOST Runners Make
• The 6 Things That Can Make or Break Your Running
• How to Run Injury Free and More….

“Thank you for the informative and stimulating technique program you presented on Saturday at Range of Motion. I got a lot out of it. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in taking up running and improving their fitness. Keep up the terrific work in changing lives for the better.”


– Technique video analysis because a picture tells a thousand words.
– Run mechanics lecture so you know the why behind the how.
– Practical corrective running technique drills to take you from Bambi on ice to moving like a Gazelle.
– 6-week running technique improvement program because success lies in the application of the information.

just wanted to say thanks for an awesome workshop on the weekend.  What could have been horrifying (I mean who wants to look at themselves running…. in slow motion… in public….fark I am not a gazelle!!!) was really relaxed and constructive.  I learned heaps.”
~ Sarah

“Having known Jase for about 8 years and been involved with him in various capacities in the fitness industry his tell it how it is attitude resonates well with me. Jase shares the passion for fitness as much as I do so I knew getting him to impart his knowledge on all things running to my crew at SF Gym was a great idea. The short time he spent with the guys made an impact. He opened their eyes to a more efficient way to run explaining the need to learn how to run and the reasons behind the style of running taught during this workshop. By giving them various drills and programs to work on they have each seen changes from less lower limb injuries to faster running times in workouts to feeling like they can actually run! It was so successful we will be looking to get Jase back in the near future.”
Tracy Cooper – Director and Head Coach of SF Gym WestCoast CrossFit

“We got Jason in f
or a running workshop and to say our members loved it is an understatement! It’s funny, we had a few members including myself that considered themselves pretty good at running. WOW were we wrong, there is soooooo much more to running technique than most people expect. Jason’s seminar is fantastic, it’s very practical and the drills are broken down to suit any level of fitness. I would recommend anyone wanting to improve their running to attend this seminar and also recommend any affiliate owner to run one of these at their box! We’ll certainly be holding another one for sure”
~ Aidan, Owner CrossFit Access

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